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We Ate The Acid - Joe Roberts

We Ate The Acid - Joe Roberts

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We Ate The Acid - Joe Roberts

Artist Joe Roberts has spent more than a decade honing a deeply unique and unapologetically hallucinogenic style of art. Through paintings, drawings and mixed-media works, Roberts navigates a world of cosmic imagery, pop cultural detritus, and shifting geometric forms, bringing to life both the creeping unease and the uncanny humor of the psychedelic experience. Collecting over 100 new and recent works along with an introduction by Hamilton Morris (Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia), We Ate the Acid is the latest product of Roberts’ visionary journeys and a testament to his expansive, singular imagination.  


192 pages
Colour Illustrations throughout
27.7 cm H | 20.6 cm W | 2 cm T | 802 g Wt


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