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KH Pet Products ThermoPet Cuddle Cushion Bolster Cat Dog Bed, Mocha

KH Pet Products ThermoPet Cuddle Cushion Bolster Cat Dog Bed, Mocha

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K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion Bolster Cat & Dog Bed, Mocha
  • Built-in heater starts warm, and heats up to the natural body temperature of cats and dogs when they lay on it.
  • Developed to match your pal鈥檚 body temperature to keep him warm and cozy all night.
  • Tri-walled, plush design with cushion and ultra-soft surface is perfect for cats and dogs of all ages.
  • Bed and removable cushion and machine-washable for easy clean up from everyday use.
  • Low carbon paw print since it heats with low wattage and comes with an MET safety certified cord.

Give your pal the ultimate in heated sleeping comfort with the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion Pet Bed. This tri-walled poly-filled bed features a comfy cushion, ultra-soft surface, and a built-in heater inside. The heater starts off nice and warm, and when your pal gets on, it automatically heats up to match his body temperature to keep him cozy all night long! It鈥檚 ideal for dogs and cats alike, and can even be used without the heater for a plush, anytime bed. And when it鈥檚 time to clean up, you can take out the heater and machine wash the removable cushion or the entire bed. Plus, it鈥檚 eco-friendly and energy efficient, and includes a convenient cord that鈥檚 MET certified for electrical safety.


  • Item Number 72252
  • Weight 2.6 pounds
  • Dimensions 14 x 23 x 7 inches
  • Bed Feature Machine-washable, Heated
  • Cover Material Microfiber, Synthetic Fabric
  • Fill Material Plush / Fiberfill
  • Bed Type Bolster
  • Lifestage Adult, Puppy
  • Breed Size Extra Small & Toy Breeds
  • Assembly Required No

What鈥檚 Included
(1) pet bed, (1) pet bed warmer, (1) heated pillow pet bed

You can test the bed by placing a large pillow on top of it. After about 20 minutes, feel under the pillow. It will feel warm, not hot. DO NOT use an extension cord during this test.

The surface of the bed will be about 15F above ambient air temperature until the pet lies on the bed. Then it will warm to about 102F, which is the natural body temperature of dogs and cats.

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion Bolster Cat & Dog Bed, Mocha

K&H Pet Products 锟?A Cut Above the Rest



Only the finest materials are used to make K&H products durable and long lasting. K&H has one of the lowest return ratios in the pet industry. No one else can match the expertise and innovation K&H provides year after year. There鈥檚 a reason they鈥檙e leading the way


Energy Efficient

With K&H鈥檚 one of the industry-changing technologies, many K&H products cost less to run than the average night light. Low wattage = low operating costs. K&H heated products are also thermostatically controlled, turning on and off automatically when needed.


Vet & Expert Recommended

Thousands of veterinarians and pet experts use, recommend and promote the year round use of not only K&H鈥檚 traditional bed line but their innovative heated pet bed line as well. They find K&H products reliable, affordable and beneficial to pets.


MET Safety Listed Peace of Mind

K&H products are rigorously tested and are certified by MET Laboratories to exceed USA and Canadian electrical safety standards.


K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion Heated Pet BedAbout This Product

Ever notice your terrier shaking because they are cold? Or your kitty cuddled up on top of your laptop to get warm? K&H has the perfect solution for these chilly pets, the K&H Thermo-Pet Cuddle Cushion Heated Pet Bed! This product features all those things that chilly pets need. The heated sleeping surface that is generously filled with pillow soft poly-fil will ensure ultimate comfort for your cat or dog. The fluffy side walls offer that needed security for those cuddly small pets. The removable heater allows for easy wash and care for pet parents.

Testing Your New K&H Heated Pet Bed

You鈥檒l notice that your K&H Indoor Heated Bed may not feel warm to the touch when your pet is not on the bed. That is normal!! K&H Indoor Heated Beds are designed to remain 10-15 degrees above ambient air temperature when your pet is not in the bed. These innovative heated beds only warm to optimal temperature only when your pet is lying in the bed.

You can test your K&H heated bed by placing a pillow or book on the sleeping surface of the bed. After about 15 minutes, feel under the pillow or book. It will feel warm, not hot. This is the gentle warmth your pet feels when enjoying their K&H Heated Pet Bed.

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