The Freedom to Flourish - Jago Stock

The Freedom to Flourish - Jago Stock

“It’s become like a home to me. Like it’s OUR park.”

Cheap Hotel and the Concrete Jungle Foundation (CJF) invites you to the premiere screening of The Freedom to Flourish documentary on Thursday the 25th, November. CJF, an international non-profit organisation - who promote positive youth development in communities across the world through skateboarding - are celebrating their most recent project in Jamaica. 

The Freedom to Flourish is a short documentary that explores the impact of Freedom Skatepark & Youth Centre in Bull Bay, Jamaica. The park was built in early 2020 by Concrete Jungle Foundation and their partners, and it has since evolved into so much more than just a place to skate. The skatepark has found its feet through the turbulence of the pandemic and now stands to serve as a community hub and safe space for children.

Through interviews with the local staff, youth, and parents, the film lends credence to the notion of skateparks as a site not only of recreation and youth programmes but also refuge, community belonging and personal growth.

Visit the CJF website to read more about their initiatives and programmes.

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