Feuille Morte - Nick Vieweg

Feuille Morte - Nick Vieweg

Filmed in South London with clips from Portsmouth, Bristol and Cardiff sprinkled throughout.. Dedicated to Ralph Roberts and Tommy B (Stay Rad Skates)

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Nick Vieweg - "Feuiile Morte is the result of two years filming in London since I moved here in 2019 to study my masters degree. This film was mostly shot during the depressing British autumn and winter time which made the footage look incredibly bleak... hence the name Feuille Morte (Dead Leaf). I missed out filming the entire summer of 2020 due to Lockdown which in turn gave the film its autumnal aesthetic. It features friends from far and wide so big up everyone who is a part of it"!

Featuring - Ethan Parry, Barney, Ewan Lordan, Nick Vieweg, Kieran Sullivan, Joel Simmonds Davis, Adam "Peggy" Collins, Ben Woodhouse, Cass Doig, Dorothy, Nelson, Theo Krish, Reid Allen, Pat Cog, Solomon, Jack Bellami, Alex Thornhill, Mark Tran, Ollie Kay, Joe Barrett, Ralph Roberts.

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